Why should you choose a specialist Criminal Law firm in Melbourne over a general Law firm?

Well, the answer for that is in the question itself really; it is our specialty. For the sake of comparison, it is much like the difference between seeing your GP (General Practitioner) or seeing a Specialist. Your General Practitioner is going to be able to diagnose the problem and offer you limited advice and treatment options. The advice is limited because he/she has spent the last 6 years learning about everything that can go wrong in the human body. A specialist on the other hand spent those 6 years studying just that one area, and is going to have extensive knowledge for both the current situation and any potential future repercussions; reaching a complete, accurate solution much faster than what a GP would. Criminal Law is not any different; for those of us who specialise in this area of Law, we have spent these years perfecting our methods and defences, and have all the relevant information and resources already at our fingertips.

Legitimate “Criminal Law Specialists” have been awarded this title by the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) and will have this displayed on their website. This accreditation is only valid for a period of 3 years, after which another application must again be submitted to the Specialisation Board for review.

So what should you look for? As mentioned, LIV Accreditation ensures the firm you are considering are in fact specialists. Knowing what their clients say about them, and seeing proof of their success is equally important. There is no shortage of Melbourne Criminal Lawyers, it simply is a matter of finding the right one to represent you; this is easily achieved by doing your research and trusting your instincts. A good Criminal Law firm will put your mind at ease the moment you make your initial enquiry. To speak with us about your Criminal Law needs, give one of our friendly professional staff a call today.

Tom Isaacs

Tom Isaacs

Bachelor of Laws with Honours - LLB(Hons)

Tom has been part of the firm for the past 10 years, working initially as a law clerk and now as a fully qualified Solicitor. He completed his Bachelor of Laws with Honours at Deakin University, and undertook his legal training at the Leo Cussen Insititute where he was president of his class. Tom appears regularly at Magistrates' Courts, both metropolitan and in regional Victoria.