Electric Scooters

An “electric scooter” in Victoria is one powered by an electric motor on which a single person rides by standing on a footboard between two wheels and steers with a handlebar and has a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour.1

A scooter capable of travelling in excess of 25 kilometres per hour is a “motor vehicle” for the purposes of the Road Safety Act, and subject to the same registration requirements as a car or motorbike.

To ride an electric scooter on a road, the rider must be at least 16 years of age.2 Riders are not allowed to carry anyone else (ie only one person on the scooter at a time).3 Although they may be capable of travelling at 25 kilometres per hour, the speed limit for an electronic scooter is 20 kilometres per hour.4

Electric scooters enjoy a lot of the same privileges as bicycle riders. For example, they may ride in designated bicycle lanes,5 and drivers of motor vehicles must keep a sufficient distance when passing (a least 1 meter at 60 kilometres per hour).6 They also do not require the rider to have a licence, need to be registered vehicles or be insured.

Similarly, electric scooters share requirements with bicycles in that riders must wear a helmet, they must have a working brake and bell,7 and if riding at night, a clearly visible white and red light at the front and rear respectively.8 Neither can ride on a footpath,9 and riders cannot operate inbuilt or mounted devices whilst in operation.10

Importantly, riders of electric scooters are also subject to the same drink and drug driving laws as other drivers.11 This means anyone riding an electric scooter with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) higher than that applicable to their licence (0.00 or 0.05) is at risk of their licence being cancelled and disqualified.



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