Importance of seeking legal help immediately

When facing criminal charges, getting the right advice as soon as possible is critical.

Decisions made during the preliminary stages of an investigation can have significant bearing on the course of a matter and its ultimate conclusion.

Perhaps the greatest example of this is the Police Record of Interview. Answers given, or not given for that matter, can dictate the viability of a defence, or whether one is open at all. Often we see clients who participate in Records of Interview with Police without having first received sound legal advice and have compromised their case.

Understandably, being charged by police can cause a state of panic and lead to rushed decisions. Additionally, well-meaning family or friends commonly offer unqualified advice which can further confuse the situation.

Our job as criminal solicitors is to explain the processes and options available to someone under investigation, and advice them as to the best course of action from a legal standpoint.

Everyone who is charged by the police is entitled to legal representation. When being confronted at the beginning of an investigation without a lawyer present, you have the option to not speak of anything about your involvement. In fact, that would be the best thing to do at that very moment. Any statement that you release, whether it is given verbally or through a written document, when not thoroughly looked into by an expert defense practitioner may be detrimental to your case.

When looking for representation, do not compromise quality for convenience and hire the first solicitor you find. Aim to enlist the services of a seasoned defense attorney with experience and specialist accredited. Criminal investigations and cases can last many months, sometimes years. It is important therefore that you trust, have confidence in and are comfortable with the solicitor representing you. Take the time to search and find the lawyer right for you. Remember, these decisions can have life long impacts.

Tom Isaacs

Tom Isaacs

Bachelor of Laws with Honours - LLB(Hons)

Tom has been part of the firm for the past 10 years, working initially as a law clerk and now as a fully qualified Solicitor. He completed his Bachelor of Laws with Honours at Deakin University, and undertook his legal training at the Leo Cussen Insititute where he was president of his class. Tom appears regularly at Magistrates' Courts, both metropolitan and in regional Victoria.