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Melbourne’s Specialist Criminal Defence Lawyers

Getting charged with a criminal offence is a difficult time. Making sure you have proper legal advice and representation to guide you through this critical time is essential. Anthony Isaacs Criminal Defence Lawyers are Melbourne’s most respected, trusted and experienced criminal law firm. Located at the heart of Melbourne CBD and with over 40 years of experience practising criminal law only and nothing else. We’re the go-to specialists for all your criminal charges.

Why Choose Anthony Isaacs For Your Criminal Case?

Choosing the right lawyer is the most important decision to make when facing criminal charges. Whether it be a traffic offence, theft charges or assault, our years of experience, proven track record and commitment to our clients enable us to achieve the best results for our clients.

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With over 40 years of experience in criminal law, there are very few, if any, offences that we have not dealt with in our decades of experience. The lawyers at Anthony Isaacs are very well versed navigating the ever-changing legal landscape. Utilising our previous experience and up-to-date knowledge of legal developments, including amendments to legislation and case law, we can help guide your case to a successful outcome.

Our job as your defence lawyers is not just showing up to court. It includes helping you overcome any anxiety, stress or fear that you may have. Through explaining clearly what the court process is, the available options, reasoning behind our advice, presenting your case in the best way in court and representing you when dealing with other parties to the best of your interest, we are able to provide a truly exceptional service. Court cases can often go longer than expected, however, we’re sure to always keep ourselves available for all our clients through phone, text or email.

Choosing the right lawyer is a big decision. More often than not, finances are the major factor in which lawyer clients choose to go with. The reason our clients end up signing with us right after their first free initial consultation is because of the legal value that we provide. No hidden fees, charging for five-minute blocks or 30 second phone calls. We charge an affordable lump-sum fee upfront and that’s it.

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Our Melbourne CBD Legal Team

Anthony Isaacs

With over 40 years of expertise in Melbourne’s criminal law sphere, Anthony “Tony” Isaacs is a seasoned veteran known for his adaptability and strategic legal counsel. A dual-degree holder from Monash University, he is an accredited Criminal Specialist with the Law Institute of Victoria and has worked extensively on a variety of cases. Notably, Tony is a founding member of the Essendon Community Legal Centre, further attesting to his dedication to justice and community service. Known for simplifying complex legal processes, Tony remains deeply committed to providing his clients with the highest quality advice and a robust defence, ensuring optimal outcomes in every case.

Tom Isaacs

For the past decade, Tom has been an integral part of the firm, rising from the ranks of a law clerk to a distinguished Solicitor. A Deakin University alumnus with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a Masters of Finance, Tom further honed his legal acumen at the Leo Cussen Institute, where he served as class president. Like Tony, he is an accredited Criminal Specialist with the Law Institute of Victoria. His experience spans appearances at Magistrates’ Courts across metropolitan and regional Victoria and involvement in serious criminal matters at both the County and Supreme Courts. Tom’s commitment to clients is evident in his thorough explanation of court proceedings and case statuses. Coupling this with his meticulous evidence analysis and superior submission drafting skills, Tom consistently delivers comprehensive and effective legal representation.

Accredited LIV Criminal Specialists

Anthony Isaacs is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and is an accredited LIV Criminal Specialist.

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Which Melbourne Court will my matter be heard in?

Understanding the court system in Melbourne can seem daunting, especially when facing legal issues. The type of court where your case will be heard hinges on two critical factors - the seriousness of the alleged offence and its location. In this guide, we'll help you decipher the nuances of Victoria's judicial hierarchy and explain how your case's specifics can determine which court hears your matter.

Magistrates Court sign
Magistrates Court

Serving as the entry point in Victoria's judicial system, the Magistrates Court hears cases related to traffic offences, less serious assaults, fraud or dishonesty matters up to a value of $25,000, and minor drug offences. Its role is to oversee a broad range of offences, typically those with less severity.

Melbourne County Court
Melbourne County Court

Handling more severe crimes, the Melbourne County Court is responsible for hearing cases involving serious assault, significant sexual assault and rape, armed robbery, substantial dishonesty and fraud offences, and serious drug crimes. This court manages a significant proportion of the more substantial criminal cases in Victoria.

Victorian Supreme Court
Victorian Supreme Court

At the top tier of the Victoria court system, the Supreme Court hears the most severe cases, such as murder, manslaughter, major drug crimes, and, more recently, terrorism offences. This court provides the final level of judgement for the most severe and complex criminal cases in the state.

Our Melbourne Office

Visit our Melbourne Office. Located at Ground Floor/530 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000. We’re a short walk away from Flagstaff Station, County Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Anthony Isaacs Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne Office on Lonsdale Street Interior
Anthony Isaacs Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne Office on Lonsdale Street Exterior

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal advice is crucial as it helps you understand your rights, responsibilities, and the implications of your decisions within the complex landscape of the law. If you're facing a legal issue, particularly in criminal law, professional advice from experienced lawyers like the team at Anthony Isaacs can guide you on the best course of action, help prevent unnecessary legal disputes, and potentially mitigate penalties or even achieve a more favourable outcome. Legal advice can also demystify legal jargon, giving you a clear understanding of where you stand. Remember, every legal case is unique, and the advice you receive can significantly influence the outcome.

If you've been asked to participate in a police interview, it's crucial to understand the implications and navigate the situation carefully. The purpose of a police interview is often to collect admissible evidence that could lead to prosecution, not necessarily to uncover the truth.

In situations where you've been identified as a suspect, the police will typically request your attendance at an interview. It's important to note that while you're obliged to attend such an interview, you aren't required to agree to provide a statement if asked. It's always advisable to seek legal counsel before attending a police interview to ensure your rights are protected and you are well-prepared.

Many people feel compelled to share their side of the story during this process, but it's essential to recognize the potential risks of doing so. Your responses in the interview can have a significant impact on your case, which is why understanding how to conduct yourself is so important. You may even choose to opt for a 'no-comment' interview.

At Anthony Isaacs, we can provide expert guidance to prepare you for this crucial phase, helping you understand your rights, what to expect, and how to navigate the interview process most beneficially.

Having a criminal lawyer by your side when pleading guilty can help significantly impact the outcome of your case. Quite often, under the stress and pressure of a police interview, it can be easy to feel coerced into admitting guilt to all charges, but our experienced lawyers can guide you on the most beneficial course of action.

If pleading guilty is in fact the best option for you, our lawyers know how to best present your case. Highlighting your positive attributes, emphasising your intent to learn from the experience, and carefully crafting a narrative that showcases your commitment to rehabilitation.

Our lawyers will guide you on what to say and what not to say, ensuring a fair and favourable outcome for you during your legal proceedings.

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