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If you have been charged with an offence, you require legal advice and representation. Anthony Isaacs Criminal Lawyers are ready to assist you. We have the knowledge of the law, legal system and the dedication to work hard on your case to achieve best results. Whether you have been charged with a traffic offence or a serious crime, we can help.

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Why are we the Melbourne criminal defence lawyers for you?

  • We are one of Melbourne’s leading criminal law firms.
  • We only practise criminal law. Nothing else. That is what makes us experts.
  • Tony was one of the first Victorian criminal lawyers to be recognised as an Accredited Specialist in 1995. 
  • We offer honest, clear and straightforward advice and case assessments.
  • We charge lump sum fees where possible so there are no hidden surprises.
  • We work regularly with Melbourne’s leading senior Barristers and QCs.

Why is legal advice important?

  • When facing criminal investigation or charges, it is vital to properly manage your case from the outset.
  • Statements that you make during a record of interview will impact on your defence.
  • Many strategic decisions need to be made during the criminal process.
  • The consequence of a finding of guilt is very often jail. It is important to immediately contact us. 

We believe that every person charged with criminal offences deserves expert legal representation - that is why we act for them.

We look forward to assisting you with your legal requirements.

learn more about offences
If you are charged  
If you have been charged you need advice and representation. When facing allegations of criminal behaviour what you do first is vital to the successful outcome of your matter. The first thing to do is to call our criminal law firm for expert practical advice and for an explanation of your legal rights. Findings of guilt, criminal convictions and gaol sentences can impact on all aspects of your life, both now and in the future. Aspects like work, travel, relationships, education and insurance to name a few. You owe it to yourself to be properly advised and represented.
The stress involved 
If you are charged with criminal offences your Court case is likely to be many months, if not years away. This is a terribly stressful time for the accused, their family and friends. The Criminal Justice system is generally totally unknown to those charged. It is complex and often difficult to understand. As well as achieving the best possible outcome, our criminal lawyers in Melbourne have the expertise to assist you through that process and to reduce the stress for all concerned.
Other times you may need legal advice 
You may not be under investigation or be charged, but still may require legal advice. When a person dies in unusual circumstances, there will probably be a Coronial Inquest. If they are a member of your family or you have knowledge of the incident you may be asked to make a statement to Police and appear as a witness in the Coroner’s Court. You may have an application for an Intervention Order issued against you. You may have had a working with Children permit refused. VicRoads may have suspended your licence. In these examples, you are not charged with offences but will benefit from legal advice and legal representation if necessary.

We specialise in the following Services

  • Assault

    By definition, an assault is committed when one person commits an act of violence against another, or threatens such an act putting the victim in fear. An accused person does not have to touch the victim to assault them. Therefore an assault can also be committed by threatening behaviour. Usually the police will charge the accused with making threats to cause serious injury or to kill. Such threats can be made in the presence of the victim, over the telephone, by text or over the internet including email and social media. The threatening behaviour can amount to stalking which is a separate criminal offence and often leads the police or victim to seek an intervention order to prevent ongoing threatening behavior.

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    Online Offences

    Online offences involve the use of a ‘carriage service’ (the internet or mobile phone for example) to commit criminal offences. While online offences cover  financial and malicious behaviour, the most common online offences I find clients charged with relate to child exploitation material.

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  • Theft / Dishonesty

    The most common dishonesty offence is theft, and the community has an understanding that theft is stealing property that does not belong to you. The legal definition of theft is that it is the dishonest appropriation of property belonging to another with the intention to permently deprive. The prosecution must prove each of these 5 elements.

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    I act on behalf of people charged by Police. Often the charges are traffic offences, from minor to very serious. Many traffic offences attract mandatory penalties if you are found guilty. For example offences of speeding and exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol have set minimum penalties.

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  • Drink Driving

    Drink driving refers to the operation a motor vehicle whilst being over the prescribed amount of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). In Victoria the prescribed BAC amounts are .00 for professional drivers (taxi, bus, truck drivers etc) and those on ‘P plates’, and .05 for fully licence drivers. Drink driving laws apply not only on public roads, but on private property as well. Current drink driving legislation means that many offences carry a mandatory loss of licence. For example, any driver who returns a BAC of .07 and up to .10 must lose their licence for a minimum of 6 months. If you believe you may have a defence to a drink driving charge, call me for a free case assessment. Contrary to the popular myth, there is no such thing in Victoria as a ‘work only’ licence. Courts are unable to take into account how important your licence is to your employment, they must impose If your licence is suspended or cancelled you must not drive.

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    Drug Related

    The most common drug offences are possession and use of drugs of dependence. Use includes injecting, smoking, inhaling and swallowing. An accused can also be charged by the police if they admit to having used a drug of dependence. Possession means physically having the drug on you, in your place of residence or in your motor vehicle. People who are caught growing cannabis will be charged with cultivation.

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